Services judiciaires numériques

Automobile and driver’s licence

Application for a Restricted Licence

Apply for a restricted licence related to the accumulation of demerit points. This licence allows you to drive exclusively in the context of your main employment.

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Application for Release from Seizure

Apply to regain possession of a vehicle seized by a peace officer under the Highway Safety Code or the Act respecting remunerated passenger transportation by automobile.

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Application to Lift Suspension of a Driver’s Licence or the Right to Obtain One

Apply for a judge of the Court of Québec to lift the suspension of your driver’s licence or the right to obtain one.

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Greffe numérique judiciaire du Québec

File a document

File one of the following documents with the Superior Court and the Court of Québec:
  • A pleading, along with supporting documents if applicable, excepting exclusions;
  • Proof of notification or service;
  • Plea changes in penal matters.
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Deposit bail in a criminal matter

Deposit bail in a criminal matter on weekends and holidays.

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Sending a courtesy copy to the Superior Court

Sending a courtesy copy of a document that has already been filed with the court office so that Superior Court judges can access it at the hearing.

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For questions related to filing a document, paying for a document or sending a courtesy copy, contact the Ministère de la Justice’s Client Contact Centre.

For questions related to the posting of bail in criminal matters, contact the appearance court office

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